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Defensive Academy

Bringing you the best defensive training in Houston

Program Details


Recorded Sessions

All sessions are recorded for players to review drills & technique.

Access to Coach Ed

All players will have access to Coach Ed for review, help, and discussion about drills & techniques.

Practice Pinnie

All players will receive a Torriero Trained pinnie to be worn at all sessions.


Learn the basics of stances, angles & how to defend one side of the field


Learn defensive techniques vs. midfielders & attackman that will make you a lockdown defender on every dodge


Develop a defenseman's mentality, how to control the dodge, clear, and communicate

Torriero Trained

There are many Lacrosse programs out there, but many do not focus on the details that transfer directly to the field. At Torriero Trained, we have collected some of the leading drills from coaches all over the country and created a program that focuses on the player. If you want to be elite, Torriero Trained is the place for you.

Positioning & Stances
Defending the cage from all areas
Clearing & Transition
Torriero Trained Defensive Academy

Photos from Torriero Trained Events & Fields

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