COVID-19 Return to Play Policy, Procedure and Protocol

Fort Bend Panthers Lacrosse, Inc.

At this time, based on state mandates and requests from the Sienna Plantation Levee Improvement District (“SPLID”) (SPLID field locations referred to herein as “Fields”), we are not training nor practicing.  We plan to begin training on or after May 31, 2020.

The following protocol must be observed by all parents, players, coaches, invitees and participants returning to the Fort Bend Panthers Lacrosse (“FBLAX”) and FBLAX sponsored activities (collectively referred to herein as “FBLAX Activities”):

  • Every player returning to FBLAX Activities must have a parent fill out and sign the COVID-19 Return to Play Waiver & Release (the “Waiver”). The Waiver can be found at:

Click on the Waiver for printing, which must be completed, signed (in blue of black ink) by the parent and scanned to BEFORE returning to FBLAX Activities.

  • Prior to leaving the house each player should have their temperature taken to ensure it is normal. If for any reason it is elevated, please remain at home until it is normal.
  • Use the restroom and wash your hands with soap for 20-seconds and/or apply hand sanitizer before taking the Fields to participate in FBLAX Activities, including but not limited to lessons, practices and game play.
  • Coaches or FBLAX volunteers may use infrared non-contact thermometers to take a parent, player, invitee and/or participant’s temperature before allowing a participation in FBLAX Activities.
  • Players are to wear face-masks at all times while on the fields, including under their helmets. After each use of the face-mask it must be thoroughly washed before reuse.  Each “face-mask must be clearly labeled with the player’s name (first and last).
  • All water bottles and drinks should be clearly marked and only consumed by the player. Do not share water bottles.
  • Once inserted in the mouth, mouth-guards must remain in the players’ mouths until the end of the lesson, practice and/or game. Each player must put his mouth-guard in a container clearly labeled with the player’s name (first and last) and inside his bag after removing the mouth-guard.
  • Mouth-guards that are attached to and/or hang from helmets are not permitted.
  • All water bottles and bags should be neatly lined up and positioned six (6) feet apart.
  • Parents and siblings should remain in the car during practice and not congregate in or around the practice Fields. If a parent and/or sibling is to leave the car during practice, he/she is to wear a face mask (covering both the mouth and nose) at all times.
  • It is encouraged that, when possible, parents, siblings and/or other invitees should: (a) sit (6) feet apart while watching FBLAX Activities and (b) wear masks (covering both the mouth and nose) at all times while at FBLAX Activities.
  • All are encouraged to wash, sanitize their equipment before and after each practice and game with antibacterial wipes/soap and/or spray.
  • At FBLAX Activities, players, parents and invitees are asked to not share food, drinks or snacks. Each player, parent and invitee is encouraged to bring their own food, drinks and snacks.
  • Ample time will be inserted between each lesson/practice session to allow the player to enter and leave the fields with minimum contact to other players.
  • If anyone feels ill or has any symptoms in any way, please immediately notify the coach know and remain at home until the passage of fourteen (14) days from when you feel 100% well.

This list is in no-way meant to be a comprehensive list of all the policies, procedures, restrictions, requirements or rules that should be adhered to in connection with the COVID-19 situation.  Parents, players, coaches and participants are encouraged to use their best judgement and discretion in dealing with situations impacting them.

We understand that these times are incredibly unique and that each family must make the decision for themselves to return to FBLAX Activities.  We fully and completely respect your rights and encourage you to speak to FBLAX Directors if you have any questions or concerns.


Stay strong and healthy.  We look forward to seeing everyone very soon.