The Sienna Panthers mission is to promote lacrosse among youth residing in Fort Bend, Sienna Plantation, Missouri City, and Sugar land the fundamental and advanced skills of the game, sportsmanship, leadership and discipline through supervised instruct
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2016 Season 

Coaches & Division VPs

Kinder to 2nd Grade Boys Teams:  

     Coaches:  Glenn Reitman, David Hills, Alex McElreath, Shawn Reed, J. Jordan,

     Pursley, Bob Reilly

     Division VP:  Yvonne Reed, Team Coordinators: Yvonne Renfrow, Christine Riffel

3/4th Grade Boys Teams: 

     Coaches:  Glenn Reitman, Zach Yakaitis, Ken Afra, Eric Boyd, Geoff Kaplan,

     Peter Perrino, Jay Bennett

     Division VP:  Deanna Reitman, Team Coordinators:  Deanna Reitman

5/6th Grade Boys Teams: 

     Coaches:  Marco Lloyd, Zach Yakaitis, Scott Campbell

     Division VP:  Shelly Kaplan, Team Coordinators:  Sally Campbell, Brandi Jordan

7th/8th Grade Boys Teams: 

    Coaches:  Glenn Reitman, Ryan Matthews, Gary Guzaldo, Scott Markell, Travis Witt, Rick


     Division VP:  Marget Guzaldo, Team Coordinators:  Jason Menchaca, Lynn Jones

HS Grade Boys Teams:  

     Coaches: Bryan Sullivan, Dane Merriman, Kenneth Simmonds, Paul Songy

     Division VP:  Kristi Merriman, Julie Munson, Team Coordinators:  Denise Dagnall, Julie Munson

Girls Teams:  
    Kinder-4th Grade:  Laura Ehrlich, Brian Groody, Kristi Khol, Allan Sison
    5th to 8th Grade:  Laura, Ehrlich, Denise Muller, Bud Ehrlich
    Division VP:  Denise Muller, Team Coordinator:  Kristi Khol